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Dolphin Dissects

Edit the Presets

Day three of our Roland Synth Takeover powered by their newest synth GAIA. Today we show how to edit the presets of the GAIA SH-01…

Largest polyphony in its class

Powered by their newest synth GAIA, Roland takeover our blog this week for the second time this week to travel back through synth time…

The Roland Synth Legacy

Musical genres come and go, but Roland synths crop up time and time again in the history of electronic music. For all you synth geeks out there, Roland has produced the Synthesizer Chronicles, a poster covering the entire line-up of Roland Synthesizers, from the SH-1000 in 1973 to the current GAIA SH-01. So if you’re wondering which was the first synth to have a pitch bend lever, or you can’t tell your Jupiters from your Junos, then jump in and take a trip down memory lane…

Shure Simplify the Spectrum Situation

With the 2012 Digital Switchover getting closer and closer, Shure realise the importance this may have upon your wireless microphone purchasing decisions. Every Shure handheld mic, every body pack, every headset, every lapel wireless system and their PSM900 in-ear monitoring system is availble in Channel 38 versions and for use beyond 2012. What is the digital switchover? Here’s a short video to give you a little bit of information about the 2012 digital switchover. If you’re thinking about buying a new wireless system it’s probably best you know exactly what’s going on!