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Dolphin Dissects

Akai MPC Renaissance University | Get to Know

We know you’ve been waiting a long long time for its arrival, but the MPC Renaissance if finally here! Check out the MPC University from Akai, get to know the gear and take a look at Music Radar’s Renaissance Review.

The Story of POD HD

Line-6 interviewed the people behind HD Modeling and the new POD HD about what makes HD Modeling different, the new amp collection, restoration of the amps and what sets apart each of the 3 new PODs. The new sound of amp modelling. You think you know what modelling sounds like? You have no idea. Get your hands on new HD model.ing now…

Shape Your Performance This Christmas

Shape Your Performance This Christmas

The group of specialist engineers, better known for the company ‘Reloop’ has very quickly grown from a German garage company to equipping mixing musicians in more than 40 companies. How’ve they made it so big? From the first mixer that came on the market in 1996 up to the release of the first digital vinyl system in 2008 an approach was followed that can be described as grass-roots democracy: Reloop’s intention has always been to make its innovations accessible for a wide range of DJs – beginners, advanced and professionals – and not only concentrate on a small elite group of professional musicians. Due to a close connection to the DJ base, technology trends, design currents and user requests that were exactly tailored to the big audience of urban mixing artists have been considered time and time again. See the latest in their range here…

The One Show for Paper Jamz

Paper Jamz - the new stringless guitar! Control the included ‘jamz’ with the touch of your hand. Play real chords and real songs, whether you’re rocking out by yourself or with your band. Unleash your instant rockstar with Paper Jamz! These toys are perfect for kids this Christmas who aren’t quite ready to play the guitar just yet (or if you’d prefer a peaceful Christmas!) These will be on the One Show tonight…tune in to see exactly what all the fuss is about and then come back here to get yourself stocked up…