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Dolphin Digs

The Return Of My Bloody Valentine

There are those who swore it would never happen but My Bloody Valentine are back with a new album. In honour of the good news we’ve updated our MBV gear guide, so you can get that incredible wall of sound.

One Amazing Performance From 24 iPads

This class performed a song using 24 iPads along with M-Audio Oxygen controllers, Apogee Jam and iRig audio interfaces. Very impressive and really shows what you can do on even the most compact and portable devices!

Beyonce Superbowl

Beyonce At The Superbowl

Reckoned to be one of the finest Superbowl half time shows ever, Beyonce hit it out of the park!

Numark Orbit video: “looks like a game controller that crashed into a disco”

Not only is the Numark Orbit the the world’s first wireless handheld DJ controller, but it also has an iPhone-esque accelerometer so you can manipulate sounds simply by tilting the device!