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Yamaha THR Amps | Peter Hook | Spotify

The Yamaha THR Range is Growing Still

We have two new developments of the THR Amplifier Range to share with you…


The First is that Spotify are reaching out to help save all of you uninspired guitarists!

... because the THR will change your life…

Spotify have teamed up with Yamaha... who have teamed up with former Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook, and together they will be promoting the Yamaha THR amplifier range to Spotify listeners across the UK.

The Spotify campaign will run for a month and will consist of audio advertisements and banner alerts in users Spotify windows.

Hook has been playing Yamaha for over 40 years and cherishes his BB1200, which has features on every Joy Division and New Order track, in addition to accompanying him on every tour he has been on.

Hook and his band Peter Hook and The Light are currently touring Europe; see here for their tour dates.

Yamaha THR Amplifier Peter Hook


Next up is the THR App for iOS... yes, you read it correctly, and just when we thought that the THR Amps couldn’t get any better!

THR Session (that’s what it’s called) is available for iOS devices, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Session App features an extraction function, which can both isolate the guitar track in any song you play, or can mute it so you’re able to play along to your favourite songs… as the LEAD!

The new app also features both a slow down and repeat function, to you can ‘slow down and repeat’ that riff that you’re determined to get perfect.

Attention iOS and THR users, Session App is AVAILABLE NOW for your devices, and be sure to watch out for Peter Hook in your Spotify Players.

Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amplifier - £159.00

Yamaha THR10 Guitar Amplifier - £259.00



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