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Roland MICRO Cube Guitar Combo Amps say size definately doesn’t matter!!!

Roland Micro CUBE Amps

With the Roland Micro Cube Combo, what you get is a genuine Roland Cube Combo Amp for a fraction of the price of its big brothers. There is also no compromise on build quality at all with this ultra compact guitar combo. The amplifier has many strings to its bow but one in particular is that it runs on your normal every day batteries. This means that you can take your practising anywhere in the world.

Funny that we mention its practice amp capabilities, this Micro Cube will even stand up at smaller gigs. Having played through one here at Dolphin Music we can definitely assure you of its huge credentials. Weighing just a few pounds, the Micro Cube packs a huge punch and comes with six DSP effects, COSM® Amp Modeling and a new Digital Tuning Fork. It currently comes in 3 different colours as seen above and we have them all. This really is the ultimate practice amplifier.

Here are some of the MICRO Cube’s Key Features:

  • Ultra-compact portable DSP guitar amp with 5-inch speaker
  • Runs on battery or AC power (adapter supplied) and includes carry strap
  • 7 COSM guitar amp models including JC-120 and a special mic preamp model
  • 6 DSP effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo and separate Delay/Reverb
  • New Digital Tuning Fork with support for flat tunings up to 2 semitones
  • Recording/Headphones output and stereo Auxiliary input for CD players, etc
  • Available in BLACK, RED & WHITE

Have a listen to these audio demos if our recommendation isn’t enough for you.


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