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Watch: Adjustable Microtonal Guitar

Microtonal guitar

Classical guitars are some of the most traditional guitar models you’ll find, usually with a design that’s been pretty much unchanged for over a century. But a new kind of truly innovative classical guitar has been invented, and it’ll blow your mind!

The Microtonal guitar was was designed by Tolgahan Çoğulu in 2008, and funded as a scientific research project at Istanbul. It an innovative instrument that enables the guitarist to play all kinds of microtonal music such as microtonal folk music like makam music of Turkey, Indian music, Balinese music, Breton music or tunings like just intonation, meantone, Pythagorean, well temperament.

Microtonal guitar

All the frets on the fretboard are movable along the channels under each string. Any number of frets can be inserted into or removed from the fretboard. "Microtones" can be usally achieved by any guitarist in many different ways, such as bending strings, slide or retuning to a microtone. But this guitar does it in an entirely new way, watch the video:


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