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Wanna Be A Test Pilot for TC Electronic?

Wanna be a BH500 TestPilot?

TC Electronic are looking for bass players to video review their brand new BH500 Amp and BC Cabinets.

They’ll send you the BH500 Amp and a BC Cabinet of your choice if you follow these steps…

  1. Apply: Send TC Electronic your contact data as well as a review video example of you reviewing any product. It could be your bass, computer, iPad, bicycle or whatever you prefer! Also, don’t forget to select the cabinet configuration you’d like to review.
  3. Selection: TC Electronic will then select the lucky reviewers based on the above example videos. If you’re selected you’ll have the rig sent to you at absolutely no cost as they’ll pay for shipping both ways.
  5. Review: Once you’ve received the rig, you’ll have 4 days to make the review. You get to decide how you want to approach the review; it could be at home, in your rehersal space, on a gig, or a combination!
  7. Send the review: When the review is done, send your video file (to the info that TC Electronic supply).

What needs to be in the review?

What would you like to know from a fellow bass player if you were watching? A couple of ideas could be to create audio examples, explain features, A/B against other amps? It’s your call!

What are these amps?



BH500 is the newest addition to our Bass Amp 2.0 line up. Combined with the all-new BC410/BC212/BC210 cabinet range, it stacks up to become any rig you need – for small bar gigs, indoor rock clubs, outdoor stadium concerts, you name it! Read more


This 250 watt 2x10” + 1” Tweeter cabinet comes ready for either standalone use or as part of the unique vertical stacking concept in combination with any other BC cabinet of your choice. Read more


Just as BC210, BC212 can be combined with any other BC cabinet, features dual woofers and a 1” tweeter, only this baby is equipped with 12” woofers. Read more


Going for big and loud? BC410 is your choice. The 500 watt BC410 stacks up to any rig, but it can also rock any venue with loads of bass punch on its own if necessary.Read more

To register and submit your practice review (not the BH500 one of course!) click here


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