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Victor Wooten | You Make The Music

Victor Wooten | You Make The Music

Victor Wooten

Continuing with the Dolphin Music Bass Week…

Bassist, composer, author, and producer… Victor Wooten is most definitely one of the most remarkable musicians of our time. Over the space of his career thus far, this American multi-instrumentalist has been awarded 5 Grammy awards, he also took the title for “Bass Player of the Year” from Bass Player Magazine three times in a row.

One of Wooten’s early ventures saw him become the bassist and a founding member of the Jazz Fusion/Progressive Bluegrass group Béla Fleck and the Flecktones. Just like Wooten himself, The band’s musical style simply cannot easily be pin pointed, or tied to just one genre. These musical masterminds creatively weave together a multitude of influences into their mesmerizingly impressive works.

Their goal is to bridge the gap between genres musicians and audiences and it is this open ended mindset that takes Wooten’s playing above and beyond the conventional ideas of the bass guitar… perfectly illustrated in the featured video, you will forget that you’re hearing nothing but bass. Wooten’s solo bass packs the power of a full sized band, he’s simply in a league of his own.

Demonstrating the art of the Bass Guitar, it’s Victor Wooten…

“Wooten uses one of the most unique techniques ever devised in the electric bass guitar’s short history. He visualizes his thumb as a pick and through a series of rapid-fire up-and-down strokes, uses it to punch out amazingly intricate and eloquent sounds. The method enables him to perform solo on his bass with impressive flexibility, subtlety, warmth, and lyricism.” - Innerviews

Wooten is most often seen playing his Fodera basses, including a signature model, his most notable 1983 Monarch Deluxe and a Steinberger bass guitar.

Understandably, Wooten gets a lot of questions from fans about his instruments, and what he always tells them is that “The instrument doesn’t make the music, you do.”

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