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TonePros Tune O Matic & Wraparound Bridges Now In Stock

TonePros Tune O Matic & Wraparound Bridges Now In Stock

by Danny Edwards
TonePros Electric Guitar Parts Wraparound Bridge

We are excited to announce the arrival of TonePros guitar hardware at Dolphin. TonePros have earned themselves a reputation for producing high-end electric guitar parts - specifically guitar bridges - that can be used on new and vintage instruments alike. They are now used by many manufacturers such as Gibson USA straight out of the factory - so what makes them so good?

Patented Locking System

The patented TonePros system means that your bridge will always be fixed even when the strings are off. No more messing around when changing strings! The real advantage of this is that you will have no play/wobble in your bridge - meaning that when you play unplugged you get much more resonance and volume through your guitar body, consequently improving your tone. You can feel the guitar vibrating in your hands a lot more, and when plugged in you get more sustain out of your guitar.

TonePros Locking Guitar Bridge Tune-O-Matic & Wraparound

Making the Best Even Better

TonePros are known for basing their hardware on industry standard guitar parts and making them even better than they were before. Their new G-Formula saddles are based on the original Nylon 66 saddles with some hi-tech additions to provide a slippery surface that prevents string breakage on previous Graphite models. Vintage guitar collectors are known to use TonePros as a playable replacement, so that they can take off their original vintage hardware and keep it safe whilst being able to play their prized vintage instrument without fear of devaluation.

TonePros Guitar Bridge G Saddle Technology

A Huge Range

They have released a huge range of Tune-O-Matic and Wraparound bridges for both Gibson and PRS style guitars. Nashville type and ABR-1 replacements are available, with the option of adding some TonePros saddle technology such as G-Formula or Roller Saddles for even better performance. All TonePros guitar bridges come with the System II Locking system, that set TonePros apart from other bridges/tailpieces. They have some limited/vintage looking hardware finishes, but here’s an example of the standard hardware finishes you can get:

TonePros Nickel Chrome Gold Black Colours Guitar Hardware

As Used By

TonePros are used by 52 guitar manufacturers, with notable brands such as: BC Rich Custom Shop, Brian Moore, Cort, Dean, Ernie Ball/Music Man, ESP, Gibson, Parker, Schecter and Washburn.

There is a HUGE list of artists from Metallica to Maroon 5 that use TonePros on their guitars. Check it out here.

If you want to get your hands on some TonePros hardware, visit our selection here. If you need any assistance choosing the right type for your guitar, one of our Dolphin experts will be ready to assist. Just drop us a comment below! TonePros Guitar Bridge TuneOMatic Wrap Around


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