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The Story of POD HD

Colourful clean tones that sparkle and sing with dizzying levels of detail. Dial back your guitar volume to get sweet-spot breakup from warm, earthy crunch tones. Line 6 HD amp models feel, behave and sound like no others. They contain up to 10 times more amplifier DNA than previous modelling for a playing experience that can only be described as HD.


“Behind the full-bodied tone of every HD amp model is a story that’s just as rich.”

16 HD models.
All POD® HD multi-effect pedals include 16 exceptional HD amp models. This collection delivers the most inspiring tones based on* classic Fender®, Vox® and Marshall® amps, boutique essentials from Bogner®, Dr. Z® and Divided by 13, and more. Many of them are brand-new to POD, and all of them are necessary for performing guitarists who require a wide variety of tones.

One-touch tones.
Presets your thing? POD HD multi-effect pedals have them in spades. POD HD300 and POD HD400 feature 256 factory presets, and POD HD500 comes stock with the extended collection: 512! Scroll the factory presets until you find what you need, tweak if necessary, and save up to 128 of your own user presets.

Built-in tuner.
Necessary, accurate, perfect. All POD HD multi-effect pedals come with a built-in, easy-to-read tuner. When engaged, the tuner features Audio Mute for silent on-stage tuning.

A big sonic palette.
POD® HD multi-effect pedals are full-featured looping, pitch-shifting, harmonizing machines. With upwards of 100+ effects, you’ll have even more ways to find your tone and sculpt it to perfection. Use the built-in expression pedal controls wah, volume and pitch effects.

M-class FX.
Made famous by Line 6 M9 and M13 stompbox modelers, M-class effects include popular delays, reverbs, mods, pitch effects, and more. Each POD HD multi-effect pedal boasts a whopping collection that is easy to dial in, save, and sync with universal tap tempo. Now you can sound like anyone under the sun, or no one but you.

Simultaneous FX.
Sometimes a hint of reverb just isn’t enough. You can emulate classic effect setups or create the lushest soundscapes by layering up as many effects as you can. POD HD500 offers an insane sonic amount of possibilities with up to 8 simultaneous FX and flexible routing. POD HD300 and POD HD400 provide up to 4 simultaneous FX, which covers more than enough sonic territory.

Built-in looper.
Create great sounding loops quickly. Advanced users, dig into the extended looping times and dedicated footswitches. Novice enthusiasts, you’ll be making music in no time thanks to the clearly marked controls and clean design.

Comprehensive I/O.
Analog, digital, balanced, unbalanced, 1/4”, XLR, and more. POD® HD multi-effect pedals are perfect on stage, in the studio, and anywhere in between.

Easy to use.
Designed by guitarists for guitarists, POD HD multi-effect pedals deliver the most access with the least amount of complication. POD HD300 and POD HD400 offer control over almost everything with just the turn of a knob. Need more delay? Just reach down and twist, it’s that easy.

POD HD500 has a bright display that shows recognizable gear icons in their signal path. Easily choose and move things around with the 4-way button, and access almost every setting without ever leaving the homepage. There’s no end to the tweakability, but you never have to wander too far from “Home.”

Flexible signal chain.
POD HD amp and effect models can be routed with the real-world flexibility of a pedal board, but better. POD HD300 and POD HD400 offer all of the standard pre/post options you need, while POD HD500 lets you route to your heart’s content. Save over 100 user presets and access each rig with the efficiency of a MIDI controller. All in one box.

Dual tone.
Want to create a unique tone by playing through two rigs at once? POD HD500 can handle that all by itself. You can route your guitar signal through two different chains of models, pan them hard left and right, or do whatever you want. Or, using the 1/4” aux input or XLR mic input you can process two signals at once.

USB: record, edit, organize.
Connect to your computer via USB for instant, multi-channel, studio-quality recording. You can also use it to tap into POD HD Edit, the free editor/librarian software that enables easy on-screen editing and organization of all your tones.

L6 LINK™ for seamless integration.
POD® HD multi-effect pedals and DT50™ guitar amplifiers don’t just connect, they integrate. DT50 amps use HD modeling technology and a flexible tube design (courtesy of tube guru Reinhold Bogner) to deliver astounding amp tones. The amp’s reconfigurable analog circuitry produces a range of tones from authentic to innovative. The analog reconfiguration (and much more) can be controlled by connecting a POD HD multi-effect pedal via L6 LINK technology.

Tank tough.
All POD HD multi-effect pedals are built world-tour-tough with all-metal construction. You’re free to dish out years of stage abuse to the burly metal chassis, footswitches and expression pedal.

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POD HD300 - £259

POD HD500 - £409

POD HD400 - £339



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