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The Roland Synth Legacy

Musical genres come and go, but Roland synths crop up time and time again in the history of electronic music. As technology caught up with ideas in the seventies and eighties, Roland’s synthesizer business developed a remarkable hit rate, with an enviable line-up of synths that shook up the music scene upon release. Much loved by countless musicians over the past four decades, many synths from the Roland camp went on to become classics, commanding a hefty premium on e-Bay.

For all you synth geeks out there, Roland has produced the Synthesizer Chronicles, a poster covering the entire line-up of Roland Synthesizers, from the SH-1000 in 1973 to the current GAIA SH-01. So if you’re wondering which was the first synth to have a pitch bend lever, or you can’t tell your Jupiters from your Junos, then jump in and take a trip down memory lane…

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Introducing the Roland GAIA SH-01: the perfect tool for sound creation

The latest synth from Roland, the GAIA SH-01 has been well received by the press and musicians alike. sensibly priced but powerful, the GAIA is all about sound creation, and it gives you the tools to sculpt sound around your ideas. We’re taking an indepth look at why you should get one.

Keep it simple

The GAIA is a tool for sound creation, in the vein of classic synths of the past that encourages experimentation and exploration. It’s a throwback to the uncomplicated analogue synths of the past (but in a good way) and although the engine is now powered by digital analogue-modelling technology, the charm of the GAIA lies in its old-school approach, with hands-on control instead of endless menus.


Roland GAIA SH-01 at Dolphin Music



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