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The Hives Rock Rode

The Hives Rock Rode

Swedish rockers The Hives left a capacity crowd in awe during their recent private set at The Metro in Sydney. Their energetic recipe of riff-based rock’n'roll was completley supported by a suite of Rodemicrophones.


The New Rode M1M1’s rock credentials showed up however, never skipping a beat throughout the performance.

On guitars, both Nichalous Arson and Vigilante Carlstroem chose the NT2-A, while Dr Matt Destruction expertly rocked the Procaster dynamic on his custom Hiwatt bass cabinet.

The Rode M3 proved its versatility on both toms and snare for Chris Dangerous, while a matched pair of NT55s captured cymbals and percussion ambience.



About the mics…

Rode M1


100% rock’n'roll in a can! With a rock solid die-cast body and sturdy dynamic capsule, the Rode M1 can take all the abuse you or your roadie can throw at it, without showing any signs of age or neglect.

You can rely on the M1 to offer reliable high quality performance, day after day, gig after gig.




The Rode NT2-A is a professional large capsule condenser studio microphone with variable pick-up pattern, variable high pass filter and variable pad. These features provide greater creativity and versatility. Three 3-position switches located on the mic body provide the freedom to step from Figure 8, Cardioid or Omi polar pick-up patterns; from a flat response to either 80Hz or 40Hz high-pass filter and a pad adjustment of 0dB, -5dB or -10dB attenuation. The heart of the NT2-A is the Australian designed and manufactured Type HF1 dual diaphragm capsule.

The frequency and transient response of this new transducer has been voiced to complement today’s modern recording techniques, and yet still evoke th esilky smooth character of the legendary microphone of the 50’s and 60’s. The NT2-A includes a soft pouch and clip.




The Rode Procaster is a professional broadcast quality dynamic microphone, specifically designed to offer no-compromise performance for voice applications in the broadcast environment.

Featuring a tight polar pattern and tailored-for-voice frequency response, the Rode Procaster is perfect for every application where a great sounding, rugged microphone with superior ambient noise rejected is demanded.




The M3 is the first in a new series of microphones which are designed to make high quality recording and performance accessible to a wider audience, by offering the brand’s premium characterstics at an even more affordable price point.

The M3 is yet another example of Rode’s continued commitment to engineering excellence, innovation and world class product design.

Designed with versatility in mind, the M3 is a cardioid condenser design that can be powered either by standard 48V phantom power or by an internal 9v PP3 battery - making is suitable for an incredibly wide range of applications including live performance, studio recording, location work and field reporting.

Low self-noise, wide dynamic range and low handling noise make the M3 ideally suited to both vocal and instrument recording.


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