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The Guillemots - Live @ Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester

The Guillemots - Live @ Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester

The Guillemots

The Guillemots

Last night I had the fortunate pleasure to be invited to see The Guillemots play an intimate gig in Manchester’s Hard Rock Cafe. With the release of the first of four studio albums this year – Hello Land – that’s correct, you heard right, FOUR ALBUMS, one can only assume they are one of the busiest bands on the scene right now.

This impromptu gig was a warm up for their forthcoming Hyde Park, Hard Rock Calling appearance on Sunday 15th July. The London-based avant-garde indie rock band formed in November 2004 and received a Mercury nod for their debut album “Through the Windowpane”. The group consists of Fyfe Dangerfield from Birmingham on vocals, keyboards and guitar, lead guitarist MC Lord Magrão from Brazil, who also plays bass guitar, accordion, mandolin, Theremin and keyboards occasionally, Canadian Aristazabal Hawkes on double bass, electric bass, keyboards and occasionally tambourine; and Scottish percussionist Greig Stewart.

As we at Dolphin Music are always keen to let you know what gear the professionals are using I can happily give you a rundown of some of the gear that I saw on show last night.

Fyfe Dangerfield who is a lefty uses a right handed Gibson ES series guitar in black. He plays this through a VOX AC30 Amp. He also plays two Roland Fantom X6 (This is now the Roland Fantom G6) keyboards through a Roland KC550 Keyboard Amp.

MC Lord Magrão was rocking his usual USA Fender Jaguar guitars through a Reissue 1957 Fender Twin Amp. His effects board consisted of over 20 pedals including an EHX Big Muff Overdrive and an EHX Holy Grail.

Bass player Aristazabal Hawkes uses a huge upright bass for many songs. She switches between this and also a Vintage USA Fender Precision through an Ampeg SVT-810V Bass Enclosure and an Ampeg SVT-4 Pro Bass Head.

Drummer Greig Stewart was using his 1960s Ludwig Drums once owned by Spandau Ballet believe it or not, and a Ludwig 400 Snare. His cymbals were Zildjian 19” & 16” Custom K Crash/Ride, a Paiste Rude China and finally the Roland SPDS Sampler (Now the Roland SPD-SX Sample Pad).

After a quick chat with Fyfe I managed to find out that the gear on show tonight was just the tip of the iceberg and he told me that they take as much as twice what we saw into the studio. Incidentally they were back off to Norway soon to put the finishing touches to the next 3 albums for release this year.

Before I left I managed to snap a few shots of their gear onstage, so if you know any better than me and my colleagues at Dolphin Music please let us know.

The Guillemots Gear Photo

The Guillemots Gear Photo 2


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