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The Essential ‘King of the Flat-Tops Gibson J-200’ Facts

Gibson gave us 20 Essential facts about the Gibson J-200 so we’ve decided to pick our favourite J-200 highlights, trivia and artist information to give you the ultimate Gibson J-200 facts. Whether you’re an old school Elvis Presley fan, acoustic guitar collector or interested on how much a vintage J-200 is going to cost you, this blog gives you anything you wanna know.

Gibson J-200

  1. The Gibson J-200 has become the ultimate acoustic guitar since its inception 1937. Orignally priced at $200 (a 2012 equivalent of $3,100), the Rosewood made J-200’s only sold very little - in fact only 100 were sold before World War II. The original Rosewood made J-200’s will now sell between $90,000 and $120,000, they’re super rare, so collectors you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled (and re-mortatage your house).
  3. The Beatles’ George Harrison was a super-keen J-200 fan. Word on the street is he gave Bob Dylan his Gibson J-200 which you can see featured on Dylan’s 1969 album cover of Nashville Skyline, and which he played his set at the Isle of Wight festival with in the same year. Apparently, the same J-200 was given back to Harrison used on his solo debut, All Things Must Pass (we’ve researched this and can’t shed anymore light on whether this is true or not - if you can, let us know!)
  5. The Gibson J-200 became the defining sound of The Who’s Pete Townshend. After Pete’s burst during a recording session and left him heartbroken (to be expected, but then he carried on and smashed his new J-200 on Letterman in 1993. Why Pete?!), he and Gibson joined forces to create the Gibson J-200. Townshend parted ways with his broken J-200 in 1993 and donated it to the Rock aand Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. If you dare, the video below is a clip of Pete on the Letterman show where he smashes his beautiful Gibson J-200.

  7. Another famous artist who used the J-200 is Elvis Presley. Any gigs and recording Presley did in 1957, the J-200 was with him.
  9. Coldplay’s Chris Martin is another famous J-200 player, but is probably most acknowledged for his “End of Decade” clearout sale where he auctioned his J-200 KC1 which was used to record “Till Kingdom Come” for £5100 and his J-200M1 for £5650.
  11. On most Led Zepplin tracks, you’ll hear Jimmy Page playing his Gibson J-200 including; “Babe I’m Gonne Leave You,” “Your Time is Gonna Come” and “Black Mountain side.”
  13. The Edge on David Letterman

    The Award Winning Gibson J-200 Standard

    At the 2011 Players’ Choice Award, the King of the Flat-Tops J-200 came out top and won the Gold award in the Jumbo guitars category.

    The Gibson J-200 Studio

    If you would like to purchase a Gibson J-200, we have the J-200 Studio Electro Acoustic Guitar in stock (at the time of publish). Maintaining the tradition and excellence of Gibson Acoustic’s Super Jumbo Line, the J-200 Studio combines the features of the Super Jumbo line and delivers the sweet tone, clairty and presence expected - the simple elegance of the J-200 is evident in every detail. Th J-200 Studio has AA-grade Sitka spruce top, a plain maple back and sides with hand-scalloped, radiused top bracing, a rosewood fingerboard with rolled edges and graduated crown inlays; Fishman Ellipse Aura Electronics and Nickel Grover Rotomatic Tuners.

    You can see more information about the Gibson J-200 Studio here.



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