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Tech Review: Freshtone Lost Tapes Vol. 1

Freshtone is still a relatively new brand, but a brand with a clear direction and years of collective experience in the industry. Matthew Corbett and Mike Wilkie, the men behind the venture are already known for their work with the respected sample library producers Zero-G, including the popular Vocal Foundry and Sounds of the Seventies collections.  With this new project, the focus is firmly on stepping away from synthesized sounds and capturing more organic sounds played and recorded by real musicians and engineers.

The first release from the Freshtone guys is Lost Tapes Vol.1, a collection of traditionally recorded, authentic sounding construction kits and loops that that convey the warmth and atmosphere of the ‘golden age of analogue soul and funk’.

The first thing that becomes apparent when working with the library is the audio quality; the clarity of the samples is excellent but without feeling sterile. The loops and hits included here are jam packed with character and whether you’re a funk or soul purist or you’re just looking to add something else to your productions, there is plenty of inspiration to be found. Samples include: Full and Cut Down Jams, Raw and Tweaked Drums, Percussion, Guitar and Bass, Fills, Keys, Stabs, Miscellaneous loops and nice atmospheric crackles to help create the right ambience. The selection of loops is comprehensive but simply arranged to make your job easier, which is a godsend, as anyone who has spent any amount of time working with samples will attest to. All samples are fully licensed for use in any type of composition so no nasty surprises further down the line when trying to get release clearance for your latest musical opus.

Overall this is a good effort from Freshtone and is certainly deserving of a spot in your home or studio sample library. The key here really is that it doesn’t sound forced. These samples will sit next to anything you’ve lifted from your favourite 70’s funk tracks and won’t feel out of place or anachronistic. With a brass library in the works amongst other projects, Freshtone are definitely a team to keep one eye on

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