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SubDude HD

SubDude HD

Audioholics.com reviews the SubDude HD, a platform for your subwoofer. Why would you want it? Well, a subwoofer, as you may know, generates a lot of vibration due to the fact that it puts out low frequencies and has a larger driver than most speakers. Well, these vibrations move into your floor and reduce the actual efficiency of the sub. After all, if it’s expending energy into moving your furniture around the room, its not putting all of its energy potential into making sound waves. Plus it can just be a nuisance - as anyone who has experienced dishes rattling in their cupboards during a bass-heavy scene can testify.

The SubDude is a subwoofer, speaker or amp riser that is incredibly effective at reducing or eliminating resonance transfer. This increased isolation results in a purity of tone that truly needs to be heard.Stop unwanted room resonance easily through the implementation of this highly cost-effective platform. Utilizing our proprietary Platfoam, the SubDude is sure to give you the extra isolation you need.

Auralex SubDude HD Video Review from Clint DeBoer on Vimeo.

You can see the SubDude HD at Dolphin Music and buy for only £59.75


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