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Stefan French | All About The Music

Stefan French | All About The Music

Stefan French

Stefan French is a Dublin based composer and musician who provides original music for corporate videos, promos, documentaries, short films and features.

French completed the ‘Composition for Film/TV’ course at Berklee College of Music in Boston. In addition to currently working as a film composer at present, French is also completing a BMus in Composition at the DIT Conservatory of Music, working alongside Jane O’Leary and Grainne Mulvey.

“This gives me the opportunity to regularly work alongside the Concorde Ensemble [artists in residence] and other professional artists and groups.”

French’s work has been performed by the DIT Symphony Orchestra, the Concorde Ensemble and members of the RTE Concert Orchestra.

This multi-faceted musician set up a home studio in 2009 and since then has gone on to score several shorts, corporate videos and promos for companies both in Ireland and in the US. Intel, Avaya, Lily O’Briens Chocolates, The Mill Theatre and Breast Cancer Ireland to name a few. Most notably he scored the Award-winning Irish made feature, ‘Fractional’, which received its premier in Los Angeles in late March 2012.

Stefan French Studio All about the Music


Name: Stefan French

Role: Composer for Film/TV

Computers: Apple Mac Pro, Apple Macbook Pro, Acer 8920g

Software: Cubase 6, Reason 4, Finale 2009, Guitar Rig 3, Sibelius 5

Hardware/Interfaces: Euphonix MC Mix, Steinberg CC121, Lexicon U42s, Fatar Studiologic VMK-188

Sound Libraries/VST Instruments: EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, EWQL Symphonic Choirs, EWQL Hollywood Strings, EW The Dark Side, EW Stormdrum2, EW RA, EW Pianos, EW Goliath, EW Voices of Passion, Spitfire Audio Solo Strings, Komplete 8 Ultimate

Monitoring: M-Audio BX5A studio monitors, 5.1 surround sound system, Bose headphones

Instruments: Takamine Electro-Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Spanish guitar, Viola

Favourite piece of musical equipment: Yikes, I don’t think it’s possible to answer this…my Euphonix MC Mix probably gets the most love and attention though!

Musical Hero/s: Very hard question to answer and I nearly don’t even want to mention anyone for fear of forgetting to mention certain people! I love so many different aspects of so many other composers’ work… John Williams for orchestration (in fact, for everything!), Alexandre Desplat for great musical taste etc. The list would be endless… James Newton Howard, Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer, John Barry, Alex Silvestri, John Powell… I could go on and on. But one name I simply could not leave out would be Christopher Young. I met him in November of 2011 and had a drink with him, the man’s a legend!

Dream Rig: Goodness! Let’s just say one that is immune to technical problems. If such a thing exists.

Dream Gig: A major blockbuster with a music budget big enough to fill a scoring stage with an orchestra made up of the world’s best session musicians. The feeling of being a part of the creative process on something like that would be immense. It’s what drives me to get up every day and continue to pursue my dreams.


In Production/Upcoming

- ‘The Red Bear’, Short Film, Dir. Ricardo Deakin
- ‘Nocturne Passage’, short film, 22:22 Productions
- ‘What’s Your Saab Story?’, feature documentary, Dir. Joshua Bourke
-  Adrian Mannering (songwriter), producing and arranging an album


- ‘Fractional’, feature film, Totality Pictures
- ‘Departures’, piece for bass clarinet and tape, commissioned by Paul Roe
- ‘Returning’, experimental short, APRA Tropscore 2012
- ‘The Nation Held Its Breath’ short film, Dir. Emmet Vincent


- Avaya corporate video, Pedersen Media Group
- Corporate video for Intel IDF 2011, Pedersen Media Group
- ‘The Handy Man Can’, short film, music editor/supervisor
- ‘Sisters’, documentary
- ‘Kinesis’, piece for piano trio and tape composed for the Concorde Ensemble
- ‘Bottle’, short film, Music Mixing and Post-Production
- ‘Shane Gillen Promo’, promotional video, C.A.S. Productions
- ‘It’s Magic’, documentary, C.A.S. Productions
- ‘Waiting’, short film, Dir. Jeda de Bri
- ‘Attention’, piece for voice, piano and tape
- ‘The Poker Game’, short film, C.A.S. Productions
- ‘Film Music Suite’, composed and orchestrated for the DIT Symphony
- ‘Campbells Corner’, documentary, Dir. Lesley Ann Doughan

- Commercial for Breast Cancer Ireland, Cinemen Productions
- Promo video for The Mill Theatre Dundrum, C.A.S. Production
- Promo video for Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates, C.A.S. Productions
- Corporate video for an Irish estate agency, Cinemen Productions




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