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Stanton SC System Controller 3 Package


What’s the big deal?

For starters, with this system, you are getting three units, not one. These three units are all touch-sensitive control surfaces; 1 x SCS.3m mixer unit and 2 x SCS.3d deck control units

  • Unparalleled Plug and Play MIDI control rig
  • Built-in powered USB hub and magnetic connecting system
  • A scalable interface with unmatched portability
  • StanTouch offers easy scratching, scrubbing and navigating of digital audio
  • Control samples, pitch, effects, cue and loop points, and other mapable functions
  • Multiple finger touches can prompt quick kills on
  • EQ’s or transform effects
  • Includes Traktor LE Software

Traktor LE Software

Native Instrument’s Traktor LE software perfectly integrates with the SC System 3. The controllers not only allow you to mix between two songs, but also allow you to manage your music collection, loop, add effets and engage Traktor LE’s synchronization engine to help automatically line up two songs without the years of practice on traditional vinyl setup.

SC System 3 Controllers

You can use the controllers seperately or together to give an unparalleled MIDI control rig that allows you to plug and play anywhere in the world in minutes. With a built-in powered USB hub and magnetic connecting system, the SC System 3 controllers can be easily connected to ech other for a high tech version of a full traditional DJ setup…without the weight, size or connectivity issues.


Paul T.

My connection with Stanton products has been one of practicality and Technology manipulation. In my twice weekly residency and gigs, there are 2 Stanton products that are standard packed in my DJ bag-the Scs3d and Uberstand. They have become a necessity and a standard set-up in my DJ rig. The Scs3d allows me to do multiple triggers of cue points cutting and editing on the fly. With the tactile touch interface I can sweep across loop points creating cool loop rolls. The MIDI mapping is extremely versatile and easy to use with the softwares that I am using. The Uberstand-super sturdy and always reliable to put my laptop at all my gigs. Its a DVS laptop must have. The best thing of all these 2 products look really good in my rig, some even call it my “bling bling”! ”

Delin Quent

As a mobile and club DJ, I love the fact that the SC SYSTEM 3 is so small and versatile. My “coffin” for the set is the original packaging, so when I have to DJ anywhere it’s already setup to plug n play.I use the Sync feature of the SCS.3 with Traktor to simplify my mixing experience, as well as leaving more time/space to do more advanced mixing. EQ mixing, looping, etc. When using the SCS.3 with Serato, I use the loop features on the 3Ds because it is so easy to cue up. I use the loops for exciting/smoother transitions or to amp the crowd.

DJ Manny Munet

After spending a couple of weeks working with the system. controls all the features of Traktor pro with no problems it makes my job easier the jog wheel got the same feel of a turntable, most of the features I use are the effects and cue points I try others controllers on the market and system3 is by far the most advance controller on the market and is the only controller Traktor ready. Some other controllers on the market are a headache and has to be mapped, system3 makes me a better dj I can create my own remix on the fly get cue points, effects and I can concentrate more on the dance floor than looking at a laptop screen just controlling everything with SC SYSTEM 3 is a piece of cake specially with the type of music I spin (Latin music on witch I depend a lot on looping and different effects to make my mixes great) like dj mag and other publications said system3 the best controller period. With 25 years of experience on nightclubs this is the best piece of equipment I couldn’t live without it.

Where to find it…

The Stanton SC System Controller 3 Package is available for you here at Dolphin Music. Save 14% off the RRP. View Station SC System Controller 3 Package.



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