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Skindred’s Mikey Demus on the Roland CUBE-80XL

Skindred are unquestionably the No1 reggae metal outfit operating out of the UK, They are none for their savage and energetic live show shows combining the full on raw power of metal with the soulful groove and melody of reggae and the booming bass common in dub sound systems. With their new album ‘Union Black’ hitting shops and download stores on May 3rd, Skindred are heading out on the road for a full British tour.

These days the web is awash with artist’s gear set ups and live rigs, but have you ever wondered what your favourite metal guitarists use in the practice room or when they’re chilling out at home? Skindred Guitarist Mikey Demus breaks the silence and reveals his amp of choice; Roland’s CUBE-80XL. Mikey keeps a CUBE-80XL on hand at all times in his home studio, so whether practicing or recording new ideas he can always get that tone.

Check out this new video to see how Mikey uses the CUBE-80XL and its many features to achieve his signature sound. Be warned though, it’s not for the faint hearted!


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