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Shure Simplify the Spectrum Situation

What is the 2012 Digital Switchover?

The DSO is a government policy which was announced back in 2003 It means that almost everyone will be able to receive digital TV through an aerial. Why does this matter? Well digital TV uses less broadcast space, which means that after the switchover, there will be more room for new services such as wireless broadband, local tv and HDTV.

How does this efect my wireless microphone?

For anyone using wireless mics, the digital switchover announcement created a huge problem. Literally all wireless mics and in-ear monitoring systems in the UK have always shared the same spectrum as analogue TV - Channel 69 (854-862MHz).

Check out the video from Shure (above) for a simplified explanation of the digital switchover how it may affect you. Plus, all your FAQ’s answered!

You can visit the Shure Support page for FAQ’s and contact numbers

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