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sE Electronics Best Pick For Ultimate Drums

sE Electronics Best Pick For Ultimate Drums

They’re already a firm favourite of the Stereophonics and here’s another sE Electronics fan.

A collection including an sE1a Pair along with an sE4 Pair, an sE 2200a, an sE4400a Pair and a couple of sE Rupert Neve RNR1’s were used to record the samples for Frontline Producers drum sample collection Ultimate Drums.

“We thought we would set out to use some of the best recording equipment on the market so after a careful selection process we decided to use sE microphones almost exclusively. From the Beautiful Rupert Neve RNR1 Ribbons, to the ever versatile sE 4400a, sE1a’s and sE4’s and even an sE 2200a as an ambient mic. Apart from the sE 2200a all the other mics were used to record Toms, Overheads, Snare, Hats and Kicks. The sE RNR1’s worked especially well on the Overheads as they EQ beautifully and give a really nice full response. We then smashed these through some of the Rupert Neve Pres and a couple of Portico II’s and we had a really beautiful selection of sounds that we could mix into some great sounding stems and samples.”


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