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Roland Releases ProMars Plug-Out Soft Synth for Aira

Roland has announced the latest plug-out synth for the AIRA System-1, and their synthesizer of choice is the legendary and mega rare ProMars!  This latest Plug-Out soft synth is a complete reproduction of the classic two-oscillator ProMars synthesizer from 1979, using Roland’s latest ACB technology to flawlessly recreate the finer details of the original analogue circuitry - including the rather fine VCF. The ProMars joins the SH-101 and SH-2 SYSTEM-1 PLUG-OUTS, so if you love the fat, warm vintage synth sound, you can start building your dream collection.

The ProMars Compuphonic was unique largely in part due to its introduction of microprocessor control, hence the term, "Compuphonic." It used an Intel 8048 processor to control the all-analog VCOs, VCAs, and VCFs. This also allowed it to store patches, making it one of the early few analog synthesizers that had patch memory.

The preset sounds include Bass, String, Clavi, Piano, Voice, Trombone, Sax, Trumpet, Synth I and Synth II. A very standard and well laid out set of knobs, sliders and edit controls give you the power to create some really cool sounds.

Designed as a partner to the polyphonic Jupiter-4, the ProMars is often considered a monophonic version of the Jupiter 4.  But while the JUPITER-4 had one VCO and one sub-OSC per voice, the PROMARS had two of each. The pitch of the two VCOs could be slightly detuned to produce a unison chorus effect, and a sub-OSC was provided on each VCO. Able to produce sounds similar to a four-VCO synthesizer, the PROMARS sounded positively huge , and is practically the definition of big, fat synth tone. While not as well known as the JUPITER-4, the thick sound and “compu-memory” function that allowed sounds to be stored and recalled made it a highly regarded instrument with a unique place among the classic Roland monosynths.

It has been used by Vangelis, Spandau Ballet, Add N To (X), Jethro Tull, and Depeche Mode.

Here’s a demo of the original ProMars synth:

With the new PROMARS PLUG-OUT Synthesizer, the sound of this rare, vintage instrument is perfectly reproduced with Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology. ACB faithfully captures the sound and feel of our most revered classics, using original design specs, and a detailed, part-by-part analysis of each analog circuit. While the sound and behavior is reproduced with total accuracy, we couldn’t help but improve a few things in this new version. The VCOs have increased range settings, the LFO has a “Random” waveform setting, and the Noise and and Pulse Width sections have full range control of those parameters. And like our other PLUG-OUT synths, the PROMARS has great-sounding effects and an advanced arpeggiator section.

ProMars PLUG-OUT Overview

  • Precise recreation of the classic Roland ProMars synth from 1979
  • Fat basses, edgy leads and punchy percussive sounds
  • Works within your DAW or standalone on your System-1 synth
  • Seamless DAW integration for Mac/Windows/AU/VSTi
  • Bonus features for SYSTEM-1 users including reverb, delay and bit crusher effects
  • Transfer sounds back and forth between the DAW and SYSTEM-1
  • Use the SYSTEM-1 as a high-quality audio/MIDI interface


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