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Rick Fenn | TC Electronic PolyTune and Mini

Rick Fenn

Rick Fenn has been a member of the pop band 10cc since ’76. He has been in the industry long enough to know what works for him and to know what products are actually worth trying. In addition to his work with the 10cc, Fenn has also worked with a many other musicians, he has toured with the likes of Mike Oldfield and co-written songs for Hall & Oates.

Rick Fenn PolyTune

Rick Fenn uses the TC Electronic Nova System as he says it realizes the tones that are inside his head, making his ideas come to life. The PolyTune pedal is also one of Fenn’s favourites due to its swift and silent tuning abilities.

The NEW PolyTune Mini

Rick Fenn TC Electronic PolyTune Mini

The TC Electronic PolyTune Mini is simply precise and petite. The PolyTune mini allows you to tune all strings simultaneously, and you’re able to switch between chromatic and polyphonic modes. The PolyTune Mini’s extraordinary features combined with cutting-edge technology, make this a must-have!

So what sparked Rick Fenn’s interest in TC Electronic in the first place?

“A guitarist colleague, Dennis Wilson, came down and showed me Nova System at a 10cc soundcheck when we played in Sydney,” Rick explains as he continues. “TC Electronic has a good reputation for plug-ins. I knew their reverbs and choruses were great, so I figured they’d make a good guitar effects pedal board. I was right.”

TC Electronic Nova System - The complete, floor-based effects solution for the dedicated guitar player.



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