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Reason 7 Available

Reason 7 Parallel Compression & Quantisation Tips

Reason 7 Available Soon

Propellerhead have released a couple of very informative videos demonstrating just what’s possible with Reason 7.

The first features James Wiltshere of the Freemasons demonstrating parallel processing in Reason. This powerful technique originally came from engineers blending one heavily compressed version of a mix with a clean, uncompressed version. This lets you get the great, chewy character of analogue compression while retaining dynamics and clarity. Of course it can be used in a number of other applications, anywhere you need a wet/dry blend for signals.

There’s also a rundown of Reasons audio quantising and time stretching. Creative and informative stuff.

So get your order in now for a copy of Reason 7 for sound design, compressor pumping, beat making and song writing.


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