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Beatles Vox

Rare Beatles Vox Guitar Up For Viewing & Auction

Rare Beatles Vox Guitar Up For Viewing & Auction

Vox Rare Beetles Guitar

Lennon On VoxBeing based in Liverpool and possessing a pair of ears we love a bit of the Beatles and would jump at the chance to see this piece of Fab Four history in the flesh, as for buying it, well one can dream. But if you’re after a great guitar from the iconic British manufacturer then you should check out our selection of Vox Guitars.

The guitar body has a unique scroll design, marked “Vox Custom” on the headstock. It also featured 24 fret rosewood fingerboard with rectangular inlays, mahogany hollow body, single f-hole along with electronics which include six push buttons for: treble, bass, top boost,  mid-boost, fuzz and repeat. The guitar was not originally designed as part of the VOX Kensington line but it has become known as such.  The guitar is discussed by Andy Babiuk in his book “Beatles Gear: All the Fab Four’s Instruments: From Stage to Studio” and seen in “Beat Instrumental” November 1967 which shows an image of George Harrison playing the guitar.  Because of the relationship with the Beatles and Madras the guitar adds a unique emotional pull to Beatles lore.


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