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Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien Talks Fender

Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien Talks Fender


Interesting chat with Ed, Fender talked with him about starting out and his continued use of the Strat. It was his first guitar in the 80’s and has stayed with him through every Radiohead album, it’s the “benchmark” in his own words. While Ed is renowned for using a lot of effects to shape his sound the Strat gives him the sustain, dynamics, versatility and comfort that he needs to explore new sonic territory.

Recently Ed’s main amp has become the Vibro King, after 20 years without changing it’s become his exclusive “go to” amplifier. Then there’s his FX, no surprises here with lots of experimentation and always trying out new stomp boxes, from analogue boutique to big brand digital. Check out one of his most recent pedalboard pics below.


Ed Radiohead Pedals


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