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Practice In Your Pocket V1.1

Practice In Your Pocket V1.1

AmpKit Update Version 1.1 - The guys at Peavey have just informed us there’s been a massive update to the AmpKit app which supports their guitar interface, the AmpKit LiNK. Now available for everyone, AmpKit 1.1 is available free to everyone who already purchased the AmpKit for iPhone/iPod touch. In addition, any gear (i.e amps, pedals, mics) you already purchased can be easily shared across devices using AmpKit’s Restore Purchases functionality. AmpKit 1.1 leverages the iPad’s seamless rotation between landscape and portrait orientations and takes full advantages of the iPad’s larger display.

AmpKit for the iPad

You can view entire amp and pedal setupds whilst modifying gear settings at the same time, or view as many as 15 setups or presets at once without scrolling. The new upadate provides users with a delightful interactive experience that includes beautiful amp and pedal work specifically designed for iPad.

AmpKit V1.1 New Features

  • Audio Copy and Paste. With the new update you can copy AmpKit recordings and paste them into other apps, and paste audio from other apps into AmpKit as backing tracks or dry guitar audio. And yes, AmpKit does support both Sonoma’s AudioCopy/AudioPaste standard and Apple’s General Pasteboard.
  • Amazing New Gear. AmpKit 1.1 brings you a new American Acoustic amp with 16 built-in effects, a Tremo-LOL pedal with American and British Tremolo modes, and the Whaba Doo all-in-one envelope filter + auto-wah + manual wah with accelerometer tilt support.
  • Awesome New Bundles. You can find three new bundles discounting 50% to 70% which you can buy from the gear store!
  • And Much More! access your iPod music library to jam along; setup sharing, favourites and locking; quick jump from one of your favourite setup or preset to another; and a lot more!!


AmpKit LiNK - the ideal companion to AmpKit.


AmpKit LiNK is the high fidelty interface for plugging in an electric guitar, bass, or other instrument directly into the headphone jack of an iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

AmpKit LiNK’s powered crosstalk reduction circuitry allows AmpKit to reproduce the tones of Peavey’s high-gain amps such as the 6505+, while virtually eliminating feedback when using headphones.

Read more about the AmpKit LiNK


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