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Paper Jamz

Paper Jamz is the hottest new range of super-cool guitars from WowWee. Paper Jamz guitars feature unique, paper-thin technology that is played by touch alone, letting you grind out killer riffs and strum note-perfect rock anthems every time!

Paper Jamz guitars are the next-generation in making music. With five iconic rock models available for launch, each Paper Jamz guitar features an awesome classic rock styling and uses patent-pending Active Graphics Technology to embed touch sensitive circuitry within the printed design.

Finger the frets and slide on the neck while strumming over the printed strings and you can play some seriously cool rock riffs in seconds

Three legendary rock anthems included on each guitar can be jammed (along with) in both Rhythm and Perfect Play modes, turning you into an instant rockstar, pumping out note-perfect rock performances. With the built-in speaker ‘turned up to 11’, you can lay down some seriously killer chords in Freestyle mode, using majors, minors and sevenths to create your own legendary rock hits!


  • Active Graphics Technology - Using a unique, patent pending technology, Paper Jamz guitars are printed with circuit-embedded paper, enabling you to play like a pro by simply touching the paper surface!
  • Jam on some of rock’s greatest anthems - Each Paper Jamz guitar comes with three of its own fully licensed tracks, playable in Perfect play and Rhythm mode. Strum along to the guitar track or deselect the vocals and sing along Kareoke-style! Featured tracks include Born To Be Wild, Smoke On The Water, You Really Got Me, and more…
  • Three play modes for jamming and rocking out - Perfect Play: play perfect guitar on any of the three legendary rock tunes by simply strumming the guitar, Rhtyhm mode: use your skill to strum in time to one of the three legendary rock tunes, Freestyle: Play real chords - majors, minors, and sevenths - and create your own amazing hits. Use the mute bar for a real rock effort!
  • Five Killer Guitars to choose from - Featuring their own unique shape and design, each guitar features volume control and a built-in speaker for pumping out some serious rock riffs. A built-in headphone jack allows for plug-in headphones for parent-friendly play or speakers
  • Ultra-thin, totally portable, super-cool - Only 2cm at its thickest, Paper Jamz guitars weigh only 500g… including batteries!
  • Prices start at only £24.99 and will be available at Dolphin Music very soon!


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