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Orange Micro Terror Review | The Gadget Show

Orange Micro Terror Review | The Gadget Show

Orange Micro Terror Amplifier Head

The Orange Micro Terror Amplifier Head retains the beautiful unpretentious design as its predecessors in the Terror range, but just like the other members of the Terror clan, this Micro model suffers from the hereditary napoleon complex, it just runs in the family.

The Micro Terror features one single 12AX7 pre-amp tube housing a mighty 20 Watts of power. With simplistic controls, volume, tone and gain, the Micro Terror gives you just what you need, no frills, just that Orange tone.


The Micro Terror was recently reviewed on The Gadget show, CH5, and it’s not a surprise that they didn’t really have many negative comments to make. The Gadget Show guys touched upon the amp’s great design and unquestionable quality, calling it a “tiny box with big ambitions.”

They favoured the head’s “durable and stylish” metal finish and liked the fact that there is an option for external effects pedals and you can use them “without losing sound quality.”

Their only negative observation was the fact that the Micro Terror does not include any form of security assurance as it can so easily go “walkabout.” The crew commented…

“We’d like to have seen some options for lock down, beyond adding your own lock from the handle to the cab”.

But all in all, they seemed to love it, almost as much as we do.

See the full Gadget Show Review here.

Take a gander for yourself on our Micro Terror Product page.



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