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One Small step for TC, One Giant Stomp for guitarists…

I’ve always been skeptical when it comes to signature gear. Regardless of which musician the piece is made in honour of, how do I know I’m going to want to sound like that next week? Next year? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get a piece of gear and quickly program it to sound like your favourite flavour of the week? I think you’ve worked out where we’re going with this.

TC Electronics have released yet another revolutionary piece of gear - the “TonePrint” range of stomp boxes for guitarists. These pedals offer a genuine, modern day alternative to the way guitarists have traditionally used FX pedals.

Put simply, with TonePrint you can not only use the pedal as “normal” dialling the knobs on the pedal to achieve a desired sound, but you can plug the pedal into your computer (Via included USB) and assign a new, artist designed tone onto the pedal.

What TC Electronics have done here is really impressive, if not immediately apparent. Many of you might be thinking, like I did originally, what is the point of doing all this digitally? Why can’t we just have some pictures of which way our favourite artists have the knobs turned so we can copy that? Well, this is where the really clever stuff comes in. TC have realised that the limiting factor with a lot of stomp boxes is the size. For us to be able to edit all the relevant parameters in each pedal we would need a whole lot more knobs than is feasible for a small, stage friendly, unit. Most companies simply don’t offer the ability to edit these settings on a stomp box, but at TC, that wasn’t good enough. They’ve got together some industry leading Artists and Experts to build “toneprints” for these pedals. That is to say that these musicians are going to TC, imagining a sound that they want, creating it, then uploading it to the TC website for everyone to enjoy. Remember, they have all the extra parameters that aren’t normally accessible at their disposal - everything from extra EQ that brightens up a tone to extra delay depths and even modulations - so you really do end up with an exclusive and new sound after importing a toneprint.

Pretty cool huh?

So far the list of artists that are contributing these tones is pretty A list as well - Steve Morse of Deep Purple, John Petrucci of Dream Theater, Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake, the list goes on. The best part is that once you’ve bought your TonePrint pedal all of the toneprint downloads are completely free. I’m sure you’ll agree, TC Electronics are continually pushing boundaries and here at Dolphin we’ll be continually stocking the next step in musical technology for you!

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