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One For The Money

One For The Money

Let us come clean straight away – we are already huge fans of Arturia’s Virtual Instruments. There are many among us who would be quite happy to come back in the form of an Arturia instrument, maybe a Minimoog V or a Jupiter-8V, so with that little confession out of the way, let’s talk about Arturia’s latest product: The One.

The One Choice

The One is not to be confused with V Collection. The One does include all of Arturia’s synths in one box, but the idea here is that you can use all of the synths for 15 days and then unlock the one you prefer. The individual instruments are no longer available, so if you would like to purchase Minimoog V, for example, you’ll need to purchase The One and active Minimoog V within the list. And don’t worry, it’s all very easy to install and activate.

Take your pick

Just like the originals, all of the synths have their own characteristics so the idea behind The One is to give you a ‘try-before-you-buy’ experience. For example, you might need a synth for bass specifically and not know which is the best for you, so you can try them out for 15 days before you make your choice. (Although you can bet your boots that you’ll activate either the Moog Modular V or Minimoog V!) The Prophet V includes the Prophet VS, which in itself is great fun, and the Jupiter-8 in itself is great fun, and the Jupiter-8V has all the features of the Jupiter-8 and more with the Galaxy modulation features being amazing. Also included in the package are the CS-80V, ARP2600V, Analog Factory and Brass.

Software Choice

Arturia really have mastered the art of creating realistic classic synthesizer emulations in virtual instrument form. But why buy a virtual synth when you can get an actual one? Well, there’s a big difference in the price for a start – buying The One will be a lot cheaper than buying, for example, a real Prophet. You’ll also have additional features like effects and presets not found on some of the original hardware versions, and then there’s the issue of weight. Pick up a box of The One and then attempt to pick up a Yamaha CS 80, and you’ll see what we’re getting at.

We would strongly recommend The One simply because we think it will change your music-making life. Maybe you too will be reincarnated as an Arturia synth. Arturia The Two, perhaps?

Thumbs Up Legendary sounds, immaculate emulations.
Thumbs Down All so good, but which one to activate?!

Verdict: A convenient way of getting into the Arturia range of virtual instruments. If there’s one software instrument to get, this is The One.

Buy Arturia The One at Dolphin Music for only £149




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