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Two years ago Native Instruments released MASCHINE, redefining groove box technology and bringing it to a new generation of musicians and producers. The hardware/software hybrid went on to enjoy huge success and became an integral studio and live component for some of the world’s most renowned electronic artists with household names like Richie Hawtin and Underworld stepping up to voice their support.

Now, the latest stage in the evolution of the groove box is here. MASCHINE MIKRO has landed at the Dolphin Music warehouse and by all accounts it looks set to continue the success of its big brother. MASCHINE MIKRO is a streamlined unit developed to meet the needs of the DJ, computer musician or live performer. The unit maintains much of the functionality of MASCHINE and includes the same powerful software and the huge 6GB library but it delivers this is a smaller more space effective package, making it ideal for gigging or those for whom studio space is at a premium. MASCHINE MIKRO offers versatile tactile control options for both composition and performance situations. MASCHINE MIKRO allows you to take control of your sound with it’s concise library system, making it easier than ever to search through your presets from both NI and 3rd party instruments and allows for on the fly composition, sequencing and editing like never before.

In this official NI video, MASCHINE MIKRO is put through its paces in the studio as the respected producer Dready composes a beat with vocalist Nikki Grier.
MASCHINE MIKRO is in stock now. Join the groove box revolution!



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