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Fairlight Sampler

Nord Vintage Keys

Nord Vintage Keys

By Hugh McKenna


Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues demonstrates some of the sounds that made the Mellotron famous back in the 60’s. You can load a note perfect recreation of The Tron into your Nord Wave, Nord Electro 3/4, Nord Piano 2 and Nord Stage 2. You don’t even need to reload tapes and pay for maintenance! It doesn’t stop there though, there’s a whole range of classic keys just waiting to be downloaded and transferred to your favourite Nord keyboard.


It might be ex-Yes man and pop producer Trevor Horn who claims to be the first to buy one but arguably the most famous use of a Fairlight is from Herbie Hancock.


Before there was Mellotron there was a Chamberlin, similarly dusty and funky.

Analogue Synths

Plus a whole world of analogue goodies, as well as acoustic instruments, drums, guitars and more.

The only thing to do is to get on over to the Nord Sample Library and dig through the crates of classic and contemporary sounds.


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