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New Video: Focusrite Saffire Pro on location

Focusrite are a company right at the cutting edge of computer music technology, and nowhere more so than in the design of outstanding audio interfaces, and of course their now legendary Mic Preamps. It’s possible that if you’re new to recording, or just not yet familiar with Focusrite’s products, then you might be a bit baffled as to how the process works. Fear not though, because as this new video featuring the Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 demonstrates, it’s anything but complicated which means you can concentrate on your creativity and let your equipment do the real hard work.

The video follows a live recording session with artist Myles Sanko, accompanied by Andy Nash on Guitar and Owen Chambers on Keys in a location recording scenario. The session utilises a stripped down mobile recording set up, and features the Focusrite Saffire Pro 24, laptop running Pro Tools 9 (though any major DAW is compatible), Focusrite’s Midnight Plugin Suite to handle EQ and compression processing , a pair of KRK RP6 studio monitors and Bluebird Microphone.

The Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 is a 16 in / 8 out, bus-powered FireWire audio interface including two high quality Focusrite Mic Preamps. In terms of performance and ease of use the Saffire Pro would excel as the hub of any high quality, portable professional recording system, and if needed, it can even be combined with additional preamps via ADAT to add further connectivity for larger projects.


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