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Native Instruments Maschine 1.6 Launch Offer

So we’ve had a heads up that the sorely awaited Maschine 1.6 will be launched as of February 2011. We saw Maschine 1.5 add features such as library expansion, improved workflow and DAW intergration, 16 velocity levels, improvied polyphony with choke and legato options on sound level and MIDI pitch bend support among many, many other sampling, slicing & audio editing features….

Maschine 1.6 will add the following new features:

  • Plugin hosting for VST/AU instruments and effects
  • Increased number of effects slots (3 per sound, 4 per group, 4 on master)
  • Individual Swing setting per sound
  • Clip naming, Sample renaming
  • External Audio I/O increased to 16 stereo channels
  • Snap to Grid when moving events via mouse
  • VST Plugin operation and Rex File important under Mac OSX 64bit

Native Instruments at Dolphin Music


Is there any way possible that we meaning Maschine users can get some type of email heads-up on the release of the 1.6 launch?  that would be nice I’ve been sweating waiting for this new release, So Ready.

by Wink Deezy at 4:56am on the 26th Jan 2011

You’ll be emailed as soon as we launch the product live on our site and you’ll be able to pre-order straight away! Should be sometime within the next 2 weeks…keep gripping the edge of your seat :-)

by blogWriter at 4:21pm on the 27th Jan 2011

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