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Music & Education Go Hand in Hand

The Telegraph yesterday wrote about the major review of music education in England, which has been launched in attempt to prevent the subject remaining the preserve of children from middle-class families.

Under Coalition plans, children will be given the chance to learn an instrument at school.  Although it’s currently compulsory in the National Curriculum to study music up to the age of 14, there is concern that fewer than 1 in 10 pupils study the subject at GSCE level.

The review, which is led by Classic FM’s Darren Henley - will attempt to “broaden access” to instruments and allow more children learn how to read music. The Education Secretary, Michael Gove says, “It’s a sad fact that too many children in state schools are denied the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument.”

We’ve been having a little debate on the matter - is the case that children aren’t playing instruments or whether it’s just a matter of not wanting to study the subject in school? Is it a case of not being able to afford it? Judging by the popularity of our Beginner packs it’s clear that there are tons of you who are wanting to start learning an instrument! The feelers were also sent out to our followers on Twitter to see how many of them played an instrument and studied it on school, and here are just a few of our responses…




Read the rest of The Telegraph’s article about Music and Education

If you’re a parent and have a child wanting to play an instrument but are unsure of the benefits (as it can certainly be daunting thinking about the expenses), you may be interested in reading another of The Telegraph’s articles highlighting the improvement on a child’s mind playing an instrument can have.

If the simple reason is, as the government say, that the expense is too great, why not take a look at our very popular beginner packs? Whether your child wants to become a guitarist, DJ or a singer, we have affordable starter packs to suit all taste and budgets.

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