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MiniMoog - Who Uses It? Apart from Everyone?

MiniMoog - Who Uses It? Apart from Everyone?

Launched yesterday, the MiniMoog Voyager XL is the latest edition to Moog Music’s legendary synths. George Michael’s keyboard player, Luke Smith has just finished a short tour of Australia. Guess he will have plenty of time to try out the new MiniMoog now George is behind bars…

Designed in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Minimoog, the Minimoog Voyager XL is a sonic powerhouse that pays homage to important milestones in the Moog synthesizer legacy.

Having worked with an incredible array of world class artists including Eric Clapton, BB King, Whitney Houston and Chaka Khan, Manchester-born keyboard player Luke ‘Duke’ Smith has just finished a short tour of Australia as part of George Michael’s 15 piece live band. The tour was the first time George had played in Australia since the ‘Faith’ tour in 1988 and probably his last for a long while…

Source Distribution managed to catch up with Luke in Air Studios in London where he talked them through his keyboard rig - and particularly, his Minimoog Voyager.

“The Moog Voyager works brilliantly for recreating that Bernie Worrell P-Funk sound, which George is a huge fan of. But as well as authentically capturing that vintage sound, the Voyager has all the benefits of up-to-date features including MIDI and patch presets - so it’s not really accessible, and of course stays in tune a whole lot better than the original 1970’s Minimoogs!”

The Voyager forms a key part of Luke’s impressive set-up, including a computer rig running Synthody Ivory Piano and Miroslav Vitous Strings. Luke explains what’s so special about the Moog:

“I’ve used the Moog regularly both live nd in the studio, and there’s a quality about it that lets it sit really smoothly in the track. Whether you’re using it for lead or bass parts there’s a certain magic to the Moog sound that makes it completely unique.”

Franz Ferdinand’s Nick McCarthy reveals that “The Moog Voyager is the only synth I use on stage!”

Steve Weston of Sohodolls and Ladyhawke just had to buy a Moog Little Phatty synth - “I saw Little Boots using a Little Phatty live, through a Trace Elliot bass amp and thought it sounded wicked.”

Glastonbury headliners, Gorillaz synth player Jesse Hackett tells us why he loves his Moog Little Phatty. “You just turn it on and get great sounds!”

Click here to see yesterday’s story telling you about the Minmoog Voyager XL

The Minimoog will soon be available to buy at Dolphin Music, keep your eyes peeled for dates and prices!! In the meantime, why not take a look at all our Moog products? Click here to see all Moog products at Dolphin Music


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