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Marina & The Diamonds go MOOG

Marina & The Diamonds go MOOG

Jon Shone has worked with a whole bunch of artists such as Ironic, Tinchy Stryder, V.V Brown and most recently has been playing live in Marina and the Diamonds. Our friends at Source Distribution caught up with Jon in-between tour dates to chat about what got him started, and why he’s rocking the Little Phatty…

The Moog Little Phatty has been an essential piece of kit for Jon on his latest tour. He said he came to get the Little Phatty when he was trying to make the most of Marina’s album when playing live. An experienced user of the MiniMoog and the Moog Rogue, he explains he needed something to give him really great lead sounds for the solos.

You can hear it…

On the song called Guilty…you can hear the Moog lead at the end…

It’s also on another of Marina and the Diamonds songs called “Are You Satisfied” where Jon uses the ‘Fusion Anomaly’ patch which makes a really ‘nice meaty thick sound…

“Every time I’m at a gig I sit and play for a couple of hours beforehand, and I’m always finding something new, and enjoying creating really nice sounds with it,” Jon added. “We use four keyboards for these gigs, but the Moog is the one instrument that really cuts through - and the one that I can always rely on to take it up a notch.”

So what exactly is it?


The Moog Little Phatty has the same features and sound engine as the Stage and Tribute Edition…and is also designed by Moog founder and inventor, Bob Moog.

The Little Phatty puts you in control of a 100% analog synth path, two ultra stable Voltage Controlled Oscillators, a Voltage Controlled Filter and other versatile features like an external audio input, CV and KB gate inputs and a full MIDI Ccontroller.

New features of the Little Phatty include; MIDI over USB, MIDI Clock Sync, an Arpeggiator, Tap Tempo and a very stylish black finish.

What does MIDI over USB do? Well, for one it will make your performance and sound sculpting tool even more powerful. It makes a great design to any rig… from full-on analog, to a laptop/soft synth setup thanks to its warm analog sound and its ability to process external audio.

“The Little Phatty is a modern music powerhouse”

For more info on Marina and the Diamonds check out their site: http://www.marinaandthediamonds.com

Fancy finding out more info on the Moog Phatty? You can do that or buy it by visiting our site here

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