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Luna Kiss | All About The Music

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Luna Kiss

Luna Kiss are a Progressive Rock band from Coventry revelling in obscure time signatures and odd arrangements.

The band formed in 2010 and released their debut album Echoes of Sound in 2011 on Ghoulish Records. Their latest single ‘Take her Away’, which is not from the album, will be available from 21st May 2012.

Luna Kiss All about the Music

Luna Kiss have had great play on BBC 6 Music, Kerrang Radio and BBC Coventry & Warwickshire. The band are also being featured in the next issue of Prog Magazine /Classic Rock Magazine.

Luna Kiss confess that as a band they indulge heavily in equipment. They have gained some endorsements along the way from the likes of Kelstone Instruments, Duesenberg Guitars, Ice Valley Water and Saluda Cymbals, to name a few.

“Our guitar players’ relationship with Kelstone has given us a fantastic and unique instrument.”
“As Far as I was last aware, there were only two Kelstone players in the UK.”


We’d talked recently about doing some videos about our equipment, mainly effects pedals. We wanted to approach doing these videos in a unique way that shows the pedals in a different light.

Members & Gear

Ross Morris - Bass

Luna Kiss Bassist

Fender MIM Jazz Bass
Ashdown Mag 300 (uk made)
Ashdown Mag 410
Pedals: Korg Pitchblack, Boss CS3, EHX Freeze, MXR Analog chorus, MXR Carbon Copy, Boss ODB3.
Korg MIKROkorg

Will Russell - Lead Guitar and Vocals

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
Fender MIM Jaguar
Marshall JMD1
Zilla 2x12 custom
Apple Macbook Pro, with Mainstage
Pedals: MXR Line boost, Boss Turbo Overdrive, EHX Memory Boy, Boss Super Chorus, Digitech Whammy, Big Muff, EHX Freeze, Boss Tu2.

Luna Kiss Studio

Chris Butler - Guitar and Kelstone

Deusenberg Star Player Tv
Orange Dual terror
Marshall 2x12
Pedals: EHX Switchblade, EHX Pog2, EHX Cathedral Reverb, EHX Soul Preacher, Boss DD7, Ibanez Wah.

James Pedley - Drums

Mapex Saturn Series 22”, 12,14 rack,16,18 floor
Saluda Cymbals throughout.
Roland Sample Pad (SPDS).

Dream Rig - Ross Morris

We’re all getting quite close to our dream set ups. We love to talk about equipment. I can’t speak for the others, but my dream set up would be an Orange 4x10 (not the isobaric ones) and an Orange 1x15, both in black. I’m a fan of Orange cabs but not the flashy ‘look at me’ kind of thing that goes with the orange colour. On top of them I’d have an Ampeg SVT4. I’m a big fan of Ampeg’s solid state amps.

I’d like a few more pedals. The MXR compressor pedal looks fantastic. It’s about time that more companies made compressor pedals with real parameters. I’d like to have my Squire fretless bumped up to a Fender. And one of the absolutely beautiful and stunning new Fender Select Jazz Basses, with the flame maple top.

Look out for Luna Kiss’ feature in Prog and Classic Rock Magazine!




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