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Line 6 Mobile Keys and NanoStudio

Line 6 Mobile Keys and NanoStudio

Line 6 Mobile Keys and NanoStudio


Line 6 Mobile Keys

were one of the most exciting new products to come out of NAMM 2012 just a few months ago. These ultra-portable, lightweight, tri-platform premium keyboard controllers are designed to control iOS music applications and can double-up as USB MIDI controllers for your computer.

Both models (25 key and 49 key) are Mac and PC friendly, and are fully compatible with iOS apps that support the CoreMIDI standard for input, such as Logic Pro and Express, Garageband and several drum machines, synths and VST instruments, used a lot with Cubase and Nuendo workstations.

One of the favourites is in fact NanoStudio from BlimpInteractive which, since its most recent update boasts a 5* rating in the iTunes Store. NanoStudio is a virtual recording studio for iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app allows you to capture your ideas in realtime, Mixdown your music to your desktop DAW and share your tunes on networks like SoundCloud.

NanoStudio features 2 global effects sends, 4 inserts per channel for achieving your perfect sound with multiple effects mastering. This app comes with all of the tools you need for composition and mixing, all of the studio essentials such as:

  • Virtual analog synths
  • Sample trigger pads
  • Comprehensive sequencer
  • Sample Editor
  • Mixer
  • Effects including reverb, compression and EQ
  • NanoStudio in the iTunes Store

    Download the OS X or Windows version for free here.



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