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Last Chance 2010!

Last Chance 2010

The end of 2010 is near. Last chance for ordering your Christmas presents, last chance to order your favourite gear at its cheapest price, and your last chance to get hold of our best-selling stock before it disappears in front of your eyes in 2011!

Last Order Date for Christmas Delivery

Our last dates for delivery for the big day are as follows:
Tuesday 21st December is our last day for 48 hour delivery
Wednesday 22nd December is our last day for 24 hour delivery

You can see our delivery charges and information here.

We were going to give you a list of our favourite gear of the year, but there is just waaaay too much to put in! We could have also give you a bestsellers list, but we’ve sold out and sold out and ran out of stock! So, we have put together a list of absolute classics that you need to buy now! Why now? Well, besides us being low in stock of the following products, they’re all top-of-the range professional pieces of equipment/software and all come at a price. Come January 4th some of our products will come with even more of a price as the VAT rises to 20%.

2.5% may not seem a lot if you’re buying a £90 synthesizer, but when you’re buying pro-equipment and a lot of it at once, you could find yourseld spending an extra £1000 which could be spent on extra software or accessories.

How much extra tax will you be paying?

£500 will see an addition of £10.64 on your bill. If that’s a guitar you’ve been dying to buy for ages, you could have bought some strings, plectrums and your delivery with that additional cost!

£700 will mean almost £15 added to your bill. Again, if that’s an amplifier, you could have bought some extra cables and your delivery! You could get buy a Traktor Kontrol S4 (£749) and some Limited Edition Vinyls (£16) for £1 more than it’ll cost you in January.

Thankfully, Dolphin Music are proud in knowing that our prices are always the lowest they can be for our customers. This will of course continue into the new year!

Here are our recommendations for you to buy now, whether they’re soon to be out of stock or end-of-line products, they’re savings everybody should be taking advantage of!


Symphobia 1 - £889 (RRP £1299) Saving 31%

Symphobia is everything you have been missing in your orchestral palette - immersive ensemble multi-samples attained by true ensemble recordings and intense cinematic effects, all available in a rich selection of combinations and articulations. With Symphobia, you have at your disposal an extremely inspiring orchestral tool for scoring film, games and television. Read more

Symphobia 2 - £979

Symphobia 2 promises to deliver an awe-inspiring 33GH sample pool and scores of breathtaking new features. Read more


Buy our exclusive Symphobia bundle and get 1+2 together saving £433 off RRP. Read more

Steinberg Wavelab 7 - £497

WaveLab 7 is the industry-standard production environment for mastering, audio editing and restoration. It’s perfectly tailored to meet the demands of today’s professionals. Read more


Moog Taurus 3 - £1699

Moog’s bass pedals are one of the most legendary ever made and used by the likes of Rush, The Police, Genesis, Led Zepplin, Phil Collins, Asia, Weezer and many, many more. This edition is a limited run and once gone will never return!

The Moog Taurus 3 has 2 VCO oscillators, an ADS contour generator, a 1 VCF filter and an output BCA. 48 programmable bass sounds are available from the Taurus 3. Read more

Roland GAIA SH-01 - £500.65

With its massive sound, hands-on ease and affordable price, the GAIA SH-01 is a high-performance value synth with old school charm. The triple stacked engine puts potent virtual analogue synthesis at your fingertips, yet the control panel is fun, friendly, and inviting. Even you first timers can create sounds. Read more

Nord Stage EX88 - £2,495 (RRP £2,869.25) Save 13%

Stunning acoustic grand samples, classic organs, electric pianos, clavinet, synthesizers, and every effect you’re likely to want. A broad array of gorgeous classic sounds and effects that makes you glad you’re a keyboard player. One dream, one package, one amazing instrument. Read more

Kurzweil PC361 - £1,225.07

The PC361 is Kurzweil’s ultimate performance controller keyboard, with an enormous collection of stunning sounds combined with comprehensive real-time controller functions. Read more

Studio Hardware

Focusrite Liquid Channel - £1,699 (RRP £1,954.99) Save 13%

The Focusrite Liqud Channel is a revolutionary professional channel strip that can precisely replicate virtually any classic mic-pre and compressor ever made! By combining radical new analog pre-amp technology with special Dynamic Convultion techniques, the Liquid Channel fuses cutting-edge analog design with lightning fast SHARC DSP. Augmented by fully digital controls and optional remote software, The Liquid Channel provides the ultimate fluid vintage collection. Read more

RME Fireface 800 - £989 (RRP £1,137.35) Save 13%

The Fireface 800 is the world’s most powerful FireWire audio interface ever. Up to 56 channels record/playback, up to 192 kHz sample rate, and true FireWire 800 sum up to an unsurpassed high-end, high performance and high-speed FireWire audio interface. Since the Fireface first shipped in July 2004, the unit became the reference for FireWire audio - and still is today! Read more

Native Instruments Traktor Skratch S4 - £749

Fusing a premium quality 4-channel DJ mixer, a built-in soundcard, an intuitive controller, and the Traktor Pro S4 software, this is the ideal one-stop package for DJs who want pro features, instant usability and go-anywhere portability. Read more

Numark Mixdeck - £699

The complete system for every DJ who blends different kinds of music sources, whether your music is on CDs, MP3 CDs, USB flash drives or iPod, you can mix and perform with is all using Numark’s Mixdeck Read more



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