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Korg SV-1 Reverse Keys Stage Piano

Korg SV-1 Reverse Keys Stage Piano
Combining great looks with great sounds, the Korg SV-1 Reverse Keys is definitely one piano that the ivory - or in this case, the ebony – ticklers of the world will not want to miss out on. Vintage style instrument provides access to the effects pedals, amps, speaker cabs and studio techniques that will give your performance a certain enchanting lustre, well at least that’s what Korg tell us…

Once you try it, you’ll understand what all the excitement is all about.

- Korg

Designed with performance in mind, each of the SV-1’s core instruments have been accurately sampled, including tine, key off, damper and hammer noises at different velocities. Korg have even sampled the resonances of piano cabs to enhance the accuracy of their instruments.

The Limited Edition SV-1 Reverse Keys
1 - Bold and curvaceous
2 - Available in 73 and 88 key models
3 - Features a library of effects and incredible features

Like what you’re seeing so far? Good, because it gets even better with just one word… vintage!
Vintage, vintage, vintage, it’s the only way to describe the SV-1’s radical reverse keyboard design. This instruments impressive looks and reverse black and white keyboard just might blow your mind the first time you see it, so please take a few seconds to let your eyes adjust…


Ready and rearing to captivate the senses of audiences everywhere, the Korg Reverse Keys will be sure to complete any keyboard setup, with style.

Only 500 pieces of each model are available with this strictly limited edition, so don’t waste any time, get over to our product page and take a closer look before it’s too late.


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