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Kenny Larkin on Novation Launchpad

Kenny Larkin is a legend in the Detroit Techno scene, and rightly so. He is not only one of the most prolific, but also one of the most influential producers of the last 20 years. He has enjoyed a string of successful releases and remixes on many of the most respected labels within his genre including Plus 8, Buzz and Warp, and as a DJ he has travelled the globe playing high profile DJ and live sets to appreciative fans.

Kenny uses Launchpad both in the studio and on stage. “I like to improvise, so the clip-style way of working was probably the most important thing that put me on to the idea of working with Live, and the Launchpad.” The combination of Live and the Launchpad really comes into its own in this area giving him the power to launch clips, record new parts and improvise with his arrangements at the touch of a button and with the Launchpad’s illuminated pads, the controller is just as at home on a stage or dark DJ booth as it is in the comfort of the studio. Due to the development partnership between Novation and Ableton, the Launchpad integrates seamlessly with Live. Even with an impressive studio complete with high end outboard gear, Kenny is enthusiastic about this new digital approach. “When you’re in the studio, the last thing you want is to be bogged down with technical situations. With the Launchpad, it’s so easy to work on Ableton; everything is in front of you, you just push a button and record a clip — it’s just fantastic in that way”.

The Launchpad also accompanies Kenny out on the road for use on stage to give him full control of his clips for an improvised performance and also due it’s portability he can work on new music wherever he goes and whenever inspiration strikes, whether travelling from place to place or holed up in a hotel room.

Check out this new video where Kenny explains why Live and the Launchpad control have become central to his work.



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