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Interview with Gary Numan’s Guitarist: Tim Muddiman

Interview with Gary Numan’s Guitarist: Tim Muddiman

Sonisphere festival is the first and only touring European metal festival. Taking place at Knebworth Park on July 31st, we’re expecting stellar performances from the likes of Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Pendulum, Papa Roach, Anthrax, Bring Me The Horizon and Alice Cooper; this year’‘s festival tops off last years line up by far!


Joining the Friday night festivities is the electro-pop pioneer, Gary Numan. Sonisphere festival say on their website that they’re honoured to have Numan making his Knebworth debut before Alice Cooper opens his theatre of death. Numan’s 30+-year electro-pop career has seen him bag 12 top 20 singles under his belt with hits like “Cars” and with a fan club including some of the world’s favourite rock and metal musicians such as: Dave Grohl, Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor. Numan’s influence on rock is indisputable, with his signature sound of heavy synthesizer hooks fed through guitar effects pedals notable in many songs today. There have also been rumours over the past year of collaboration with Numan and Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor….


We’ve been lucky enough at Dolphin Music to have a chat with Numan’s guitarist and Dean guitar lover, Tim Muddiman….


D: What originally got you into music? Have you always played the guitar or have you played around with different instruments?

T:I’ve always been obsessed with music. I started DJ’ing at the age of 14 back in 1983 I then got really into guitar music.

D:Who have been your main influences?

T:My main influences in the rock world are Neil Young, Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails.  I’ve also got my own Rockabilly guitar which I love.

D:How did you meet Gary and end up being his guitarist?

T:I’m in a band called Sulpher as well as doing studio sessions and producing. We met Gary through that as one of us co-wrote an album for him back in 2000. I’ve been playing with him ever since!

D:You were in Kerrang!, had amazing reviews and awesome support slots with people like Marilyn Manson…and then Sulpher took a break…What are Sulpher up to at the minute?

T:Sulpher are also continuing to make music. We took a break for a few years as we’ve all been very busy doing other things; I’ve had my own business and we’ve all been on tour with other people. Rob has been touring with Marilyn Manson and is now back with The Prodigy.

(Visit Sulpher’s MySpace page to keep up with tours and updates.)


D: So you’ve been pretty busy then! You’re playing Sonisphere next weekend with Gary Numan…that’s pretty massive, are you excited?

T:It’s fantastic to be playing Sonisphere. We’re playing on the Friday just before Alice Cooper which is an honour…he’s a legend. I’ll be playing my one of many Dean Deceiver guitars. I have a few of them actually. They’re absolutely fantastic. They’re lightweight and the EMG pickups are just phenomenal. Most of my sounds are heavily distorted and it’s great for that. I’ve used loads of different guitars, like Les Paul and Gretsch and I’ve got rid of them all for this. It sounds better than a £3k guitar and it’s less than half of that price.


“The Deceiver is an all round metal rock shreddy guitar and is great for anything distorted.”


D:What have you got coming up after Sonisphere? Any big tours coming up?

T:I’m doing a big USA, Canada and South America tour from October onwards with Gary Numan so that’s gonna be great. I’m also contributing to Gary’s new record playing the guitar and bass. That looks like it’s gonna be released next year at some point. I’ve got loads of pending things in the woodworks but nothing confirmed yet. I’m sure I’ll be in the studio producing and doing sessions when I’m not touring though!


Catch Tim Muddiman playing his Dean Deceiver on Friday 30th July at Sonisphere festival with Gary Numan. See the video below for a bit of what you’ll be hearing!


To see who else is on at this years festival visit the Sonisphere website

You can keep upto date with Tim Muddiman at his MySpace page here

Want to make shreddy distorted sounds like Tim Muddiman? You can buy his Dean Deceiver guitar here at Dolphin Music….(more)

Muddiman’s Line 6 Gear:

- Laney Nexus Tube OR Nexus FET Bass Head & Nexus NX810 Bass Cab
- Laney Ironheart Head & GS412LS Cab

- Laney VH100RN Guitar Amp Head & GS412IS Guitar Cab

If we missed anything, please let us know…


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