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In Focus: Numark iDJ Live

With the new Idj Live, DJ specialists Numark continue their pioneering design work and with this collaboration alongside algoriddim.com, bring their decades of experience to the rapidly expanding Apple iOS app/3rd party hardware marketplace. As always, they have managed to hit the right balance between forward thinking technology and price point, making this accessible to all levels of DJ

When I first started out on the ones and twos some 15 years ago, had my future self turned up in a still smoking Delorean and informed me that one day I could DJ at a professional level using my iPhone and a small portable control unit built by Numark - the creators of my stylish direct drive turntables - my actions would likely be thus:

  • The deeply confused 90’s me would ask “What the hell is an iPhone?”
  • 90s me would laugh uncontrollably at the bemused, coiffed & moustachioed future me.
  • Fledgling DJ me would file this concept along with Hover boards and the oft rumoured BTTF 4 under ‘never gonna happen’.

    It’s fair to say that the abrupt appearance of a time travelling Delorean and 2011 hipster me would NOT be the most ridiculous happening of that day.

    Now flip back to present day and even with all of the advances I’ve grown up with, sometimes I have to stop myself and just think, WOW. Right now, thanks to Numark, Algoriddim and the boffins at Apple this is one of those moments.

    Check out this video for the full lowdown as infamous scratch wizard and producer Masta Hanksta puts the unit through its paces.



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