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Hail A Cab! Marshall’s Concept Car


Hail A Cab! Marshall’s Concept Car

By Hugh McKenna

Marshall Concept Car

Probably the best British/Italian automotive collaboration since Michael Caine blew our blooming doors off. Gives a whole new meaning to ‘Marshall Cab’, this concept car is a collaboration with Alfa Romeo and features the iconic amp companies stylings and a JVM205H head running two 12 inch 75w speakers installed in the boot. The amp is run on a separate battery and the seats are upholstered with the same materials Marshall uses for it’s amps.

While the car isn’t likely to go into production any time soon and retro fitting an amp into your car might be tricky, we’re sure plenty of music nerds will be considering the modification below.

Marshall Car Interior

Yep, that’s a Shure microphone featuring as a gear stick. Reckon we might break out the tool box and sacrifice an SM58 to make this modification ourselves.


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