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Guitar Of The Week: Rickenbacker 360

Say hello to the Rickenbacker 360, a traditional vintage-style guitar with all the components of a modern model.

Made in the 1960’s the Rickenbacker has adapted with time and over the years this semi-acoustic electric guitar has been updated to meet the needs of the modern guitar player. Though large in size, the Rickenbacker is an incredibly comfortable guitar to play and throughout generations it’s become a favourite of many guitarists.

Fugazi guitarist, Guy Picciotto is just one of the names that swore by the Rickenbacker and he spent most of his career thrashing out hardcore riffs from the Rickenbacker‘s slick design. If you look closely at the video below, you see Picciotto with his Rickenbacker in the opening few seconds.

When it appeared in the 1960’s, the Rickenbacker 360 raised many eyebrows as stylistically, it failed to fit the mould. Though some components have since been updated, the design of the Rickenbacker 360 remains the same as it was back in the 60’s. The Rosewood Fingerboard remains inlayed with triangular pearloid markers and the guitar still features its beautifully bound body. The maple neck of the Rickenbacker guitar features dual truss rods and single-coil pickups have been included to ensure it delivers a range of tones.

Fun Fact: The Rickenbacker most famously appeared in 12 string version on ‘A Hard Days Night, where it was used by George Harrison.

Famous players: REM’s Peter Buck, Guy Picciotto- Fugazi, Pete Doherty- The Libertines, James dean bradfield- the manic street preachers.


  • Body Type- Semi-Acoustic
  • No. Frets- 24
  • Body Wood- Maple
  • Neck Wood- Maple
  • Fingerboard Wood- Rosewood
  • Weight- 3.6 kg (8.0 lbs.)
  • Neck Binding- Yes
  • Fret Marker Style- Triangle
  • Tailpiece- ‘‘R’‘
  • Bridge- 6 Saddle
  • Neck Type- Set-in
  • No. of Pickups- 2
  • Type of Pickups- Hi-gain
  • Output Type- Mono and Stereo
  • Machine Heads- Schaller

For more information on the Rickenbacker 360, visit the Dolphin Website.

Stefanie Chew



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