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Giant Roland TR-808 Created, Using Real Instruments

The Roland TR-808 drum-machine is truly one of the best-loved pieces of musical gear, ever! Since it was introduced in the 1980’s, it has inspired generations of musicians, from Marvin Gaye and Talking Heads to 808 State and many, countless others. And its sounds continue to inspired modern musicians, as the success of the new Roland Aira TR-8 shows.

Now, electronic music wizard Moritz Simon Geist has decided to pay homage to the TR-808 in a very creative and unusual way - by creating a giant TR-808 using real musical instruments!

Moritz, who’s in a band called Science Fiction Children, said:

“MR-808 is the first drum robot that reproduces the drum sounds of the 80s - in the real world. The robot installation MR-808 is a replica of the famous 1980s electronic drum machine TR-808 – with robots playing the drum sounds! I (Moritz Simon Geist) have been playing electronic music for several years now, and at some place I was bored of the electronic music production process. With binary logic, everything is possible.

“So I decided to go back to the roots of sound generation – the physical sound generation – but combine it with the electronic music structure we like so much. I liked the idea so much, that I couldn’t stop building my own drum robots, and ended up replacing all the electronic sounds of a whole drum computer, placed in a 3,3 x 1,7m² case. I am very proud to present the “MR-808” – a mechanic replica of the famous 1980s electronic drum machine TR-808!”

The result is quite interesting and sounds good, but… perhaps a bit too big for your music room, ins’t it?

Maybe better to just stick to your Aira TR8, then, folks!


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