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GAIA FX and Audio Interface

Once you’ve built a monster sound, you can add effects with modulation, delay, boost and distortion effects available. As before, you simply activate the effect type you want, and tweak the relevant knobs till you get it just right.

The GAIA’s audio output can be sent through its USB port for straight-forward recording with a computer. There’s also an external input, which can be sent through the USB port, meaning the GAIA is actually an audio interface aswel.


The point of the GAIA? When you understand how the sounds are created you become self-sufficient, no longer limited to presets (which everyone else also has access to). By creating your own sounds, you give music a unique edge, and the GAIA is a great platform for ‘looking’ inside sounds and learning how they work. Once you get to grips with the structure of the sound, astonishingly good results are possible.


Roland GAIA SH-01 at Dolphin Music

Day 1: The Roland Synth Legacy - Past and Present

Day 2: The Largest Polyhony In Its Class

Day 3: Edit The Presets

Day 4: Make Your Own Sounds From Scratch



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