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Flow Mastering | All About The Music

Flow Mastering | All About The Music

Flow Mastering All About The Music

Flow Mastering

For over 25 years, WOLF STUDIOS has been providing quality recording, mixing and mastering as one of London’s top independent studios. It is owned and run by mixing & mastering engineer Dominique Brethes and is located opposite Brockwell Park in trendy Brixton, south-west London. With a reputation for quality mixing and mastering, Wolf Studios is also a great environment to record voice, individual instruments, orchestral instruments and percussion.


Artists/bands you’ve worked with: The Tiger Lillies, Ska Cubano, The Beloved, Alex Wilson, Dana Gillespie, Sarah-Jane Morris, Porcupine Tree, Steven Severin, Deniece Williams, The King’s Will, The Pogues, The Real Tuesday Weld, Peter Blegvad…
Most successful recording: Alex Wilson “R&B Latino”
Most interesting recording: The Tiger Lillies “Circus Songs”
Most difficult recording: Schleimer K “Wounded Wood”

Gear & Equipment

Flow Studios All About The Music

Digital Workstations

Apple Powermac Dual 2.7 PPC (x 2)
Pro Tools HD3 running Pro Tools V8 (x 2)
Waveburner with DDP export
Plextools Professional error verification
Plextor PX-716 Burners (x 2)


Digidesign DINR
Sony Oxford Restoration
Waves Z-Noise
Waves X Restoration
Izotope RX Spectral repair


Mytek Digital DA96
Digidesign 192
Apogee AD8000


Cranesong Phoenix
Sony Oxford Inflator
DUY Analog Suite
Eliosis E2Desser


Langevin Opto-Electric dual limiter
Urei LA-22 dual Comp/Limiter
Avalon VT737
DBX 566 tube 2 Channels Comp/Lim
DBX 162 vintage stereo compressor
DBX DDP digital dynamics processor
Focusrite Red 3 stereo Comp/Limiter
Waves L2, Waves L3, Waves LMB
TC Electronics Master X


Focusrite Red 2 stereo equaliser
Furman parametric EQ
TLAudio EQ1 dual tube EQ
SPL Stereo Vitalizer
WAVES Linear Phase EQ
Sony Oxford EQ
URS A10 & N12 EQ
Eliosis Air EQ
Digidesign Pultec EQP-1A


Dynaudio M2 with Dynaudio DCA450 amplifier
Duntech D200 with Velodyne DD10 subs and Roksan Kandy
PMC TB2+S with Alchemist Nexus
Acoustic Research 18S with Nakamichi IA-4s
Yamaha NS-10M with Roksan Caspian
Miller & Kreisel 1611P active
AKG K701 & Grado Prestige SR225 Headphones


Ampex ATR102 half inch
Studer A810 quarter inch
Dolby 363 Two channel SR/A Noise reduction


Sony PCM 7030 Timecode Dat recorder
Fostex D15 Timecode DAT recorder
Sony SCD-XB780 CD Player
Sony PCM 701
Sony Minidisk


Technics SL1210 MkII modified with Moth arm & Michell TecnoWeight
Goldring 1042 cartridge
Graham Slee phono stage





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